VANLI Group 45th Anniversary Annual Dinner 2023
Stolle Anniversary Luncheon
KLPD @ HGH Convention Centre Sentul
Kiwanis New Year Eve Charity Dinner Party
Orthodox Church 90 Years Celebration Part 1
Orthodox Church 90 Years Celebration Part 2
Youtube Awards Night 2018
Mrs International Global 2018 World Final
Milbon Da Inspire 2018
HRDF Town Hall
Malaysian Indian wedding ceremony | Revind + Maalini
MXM thrills fans at 'Match Up' Fan Meeting in Malaysia
IKEA Annual Dinner 2016
Wedding Ceremony

HGH Convention Centre is the ideal venue for various functions such as banquets, concerts, entertainment performances, seminars, conferences, award presentation, exhibitions.

Head Office

475, Jalan Peach Avenue, Sentul, 51000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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